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Our World Premiere at the Athens International Film Festival was a blast! Premiering at an Oscar qualifying festival was a tremendous honor! Now we are ramping up for our next festival appearance. Stay tuned!

Chocolate Milk is the story of two slow-witted brothers, Kyle and Phillip, who are forced to fend their way through life after their Mother is killed in a freak accident. Kyle is an eternal optimist and Phillip is depressed, lazy and lives in the past. This film follows Kyle and his determination to get Phillip off the couch and out into the world by going on a job interview, which goes terribly wrong.


Harvey Guillen, Philip
Nathan Mobley, Kyle
Chad Jamian Williams, Elmer
Lucas Grabeel, Stan
Maiara Walsh, Lucy
Alison England, Claudine Hensler
Phil Abrams, Chuck
Cheryl Texiera, Wanda
Reece Rios, Ned
Olivia Alexander, Betty
Jena Sims, Shelley
Candida Rodriguez, Sarah
Emily Morris, Elaine
Sandy Kinder, Tootsie
Katie King, Sally


Directed by
Jr Soldano
Michael Ring

Written and Created by
Michael Ring

Director of Photography
Justin Chafe

Executive Producers
Michael Ring
Harvey Guillen

Executive Producers
Sue Galvin
Sean Galvin
Steve Greenstein

Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby

Associate Producers
Michael Hubbell
Jessica Ring
Christine Keiser
Joe Moccia
Bryan Ring
Matthew Datcher
Candida Rodriguez
April Ibarra
Denisse Rodarte

Musical Score
Billy Lincoln

Jr Soldano

Sound Editor
Tamara Johnson

Casting Director
Harvey Guillen

First Assistant Director
Brandeaux Tourville

Roman Krajewski

Audio Mixer
Alex Dawson

Production Designer
Keseh Morgan

Set Decorator
Alejandro Serna
Andrea Itzpapalotl

Hair Stylist
Sally Nguyen

Angel Prado
Kat Elrod

Makeup Assistant
Ernesto Rene Rosales

Zack Bass

Production Assistants
Michael Yeager
Corey Mellott
Bosh Oshuntuyi

Post Production

Title Designer
Jessica Ring

Visual Effects
The Garden

The Garden

Final Sound Mix
Tamara Johnson Sound

Thank you

Sarah Hanks                                                                                                      
Alequah Price – The White girl with the Black girl name                                       
David Ring – Apple Cart Upsetter.                                                               
Rick Brown – Rick 'n' Ellen, Chad W. fans                                                             
Rose Stark                                                                                                        
Patrick Sesko – Yar Shee Enthusiast                                                                     
Beth Fenton – Joefish Yoder - Old Order Amishman                                         
Kristina Bonner Harsanyi                                                                                         
Dee Mobley                                                                                                     
Charity Moreno-Hines – my husband's the funny one                                        
Tim Dyer II                                                                                                         
Tom King                                                                                                           
Molly Allen Barbour – dog rescuer, Stern lover, hopeless romantic                              
Marie Silverstrim – Mae Reston, Coat Tail Rider Extraordinaire                                     
Shaan Akbar                                                                                                     
Susan Campbell – Pageant Mom                                                                 
Christian Williams                                                                                              
Dan Blaney                                                                                                       
Heather Greer – Silly Philly Dilly, The best damn cat who ever lived.                           
Libby Porvines                                                                                                 
Matthew Datcher – Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together                              
Jessica Ring – yeeaaah                                                                                   
Christine E. Keiser                                                                                                   
Joe "Fudge Factory" Moccia                                                                           
Bryan Ring                                                                                                        
Michael Hubbell – built his telescope in 7th grade                                               
Sean Galvin – arctic charred and midnight sunburnt                                              
Sue Galvin – Chu-Chu of Dereth                                                                   
Sunday's Best Thrift Shop – The greatest thrift shop on earth                                                   
Mikey Burton
Dale Shidler
Mackenzie Glass
Jadah Sellner
David Nett
Kenneth Castillo
Pam Huling
Beth Lacey Gill
Joy Sutton
Ed Robinson
jenee mateer
Leah Wojda
Jane Metcalf
Kimberly Katz

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